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Pepys Games Lists & Indexes

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

A view of an annotated Alphabetical list of Pepys card games from Rex Pitts' book.

The contents of this page are now regularly updated under the "Index - All Games" Tab.

I don't know how may times I have photocopied and annotated Rex Pitts' alphabetical list of Pepys card games. I have one on a noticeboard by my desk at eye-level and turn to it often. Sometimes a simple list is best.

Below are the names and links to pages on every Pepys card game prior to 1984. Each link opens in a new tab, I find that easier when I am comparing games.

Below that is a similar list of the Pepys games published by Gibsons from 1984 to the present. All these will soon have their own pages and links on Collecting Pepys .

I will also add details of all the Lagoon versions of Pepys games and reissues and facsimiles those by other publishers in the future.

Beneath the lists of card games are lists of all known: Pepys Board Games, Envelope Games, Jigsaws, Dominoes and Party Games. Over time I aim to give each game a full descriptive page here on Collecting Pepys. There are other Pepys products too, from small leather goods to chess sets, Bridge cards and sets to diaries, each will be featured over time.

Alphabetical List of Pepys Card Games to 1984

Alphabetical Lists of Pepys Card Games after 1984

Gibsons Games 1984-Present

Alice in Wonderland

Beatrix Potter Rummy

British Wild Birds (British Birds)

British Wild Flowers (Wild Flower Sevens)

Jaques' Original Snap

Jaques' Original Happy Families

Little Grey Rabbit

Noddy Snap

Peter Pan

Peter Rabbit


Speed 15th Edition

Woodland Happy Families

Woodland Snap

Word Maker (Sylabex)


(Own or have seen copies of the following, list possibly incomplete. Most, if not all date to 2011.)

“Accused” (I Commit)


Car Game, The


England Expects



Grand Slam Tennis (Wimbledon)


Round Britain

Round Europe

Test Pilot


(List almost certainly incomplete.)

Dan Dare - Ecotronic 2009

Golf (Kargo) - Gamecard 1987

Vacuation - British Heritage c2000

Other Known Pepys Games

Board Games


Battle Royal

Bingo Ball- More like a Party or Envelope Game?


Chase The Enemy



Home Cricket

Horse Racing Tonight

Horsie-Horsie (2 Editions)



Pirates Gold


Stop or Go?


Envelope Games




Little Grey Rabbit Wooden Jigsaws - Christmas Decorations

Little Grey Rabbit Wooden Jigsaws - The Water Picnic

Little Grey Rabbit Wooden Jigsaws - At The Circus

Racey Helps Woodland Jigsaw - Bubbles

Racey Helps Woodland Jigsaw - The Woodland ‘Plane

Racey Helps Woodland Jigsaw - Story Time

Round the World Jig-Saws - Istanbul, Turkey

Round the World Jig-Saws - Lhasa, Tibet

Round the World Jig-Saws - Marrakesh, Morocco


Party Games

64,000 Question

Biggles, Secret Agent

Burglars -P.C. 49’s Game

Caption It!

Cunning Couplets

Disneyland Magic Drawings

Down You Go

Educating Archie

Find the Link


Gilbert Harding’s The Last Word

Guess My Story

Guess What? Series 1

Guess What? Series 2

Guess What? Series 3

Guess What? Series 4

Have A Go! Wilfred Pickles Series 1

Have A Go! Wilfred Pickles Series 2

Him & Her

I-Quiz Series 1

I-Quiz Series 2

I-Quiz Series 3

It Pays To Advertise

Let’s Go To Town

Little Noddy

1-2-3 Quiz Series 1

1-2-3 Quiz Series 2

On the Carpet


Photocrime Series 1

Photocrime Series 2

Photocrime Series 3

Playmates, Arthur Askey’s

Puzzle Corner with Ronnie Waldman Series 1

Puzzle Corner with Ronnie Waldman Series 2

Ray’s A Laugh, Ted Ray

Round-Up, Riders of the Range

Scorewords (At least 4 different boxes)

Space Ships - Dan Dare Series 1

Space Ships - Dan Dare Series 2

Treasure Island

Treasure Quest

Twenty Questions Series 1

Twenty Questions Series 2

What Can It Be? Series 1

What Can it Be ? Series 2

What Do You Know?

What Is It? Series 1

What Is It? Series 2

What’s My Line? Series 1

What’s My Line? Series 2

What’s That? Series 1

What’s That? Series 2

What’s The Difference? Series 1

What’s The Difference? Series 2

What’s Wrong? (Famous Five) Series 1

What’s Wrong? (Famous Five) Series 2


Who Goes There?



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