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Family Favourites

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Family Favourites, A Pepys Game

First Published: 1962, A Pepys Game, Pepys Series by Castell Brothers Ltd., St Cross Street, London

Illustrator or Designer: Racey Helps

Contents: 44 Cards + Rules Booklet

There are 44 cards, 2 each of: 5 Brown Dogs, 4 Black & White Dogs, 4 Cats, 3 Ponies, 4 Other Pets plus 4 Cat-And-Dog Jokers.

George Cansdale's Pets
George Cansdale's Pets

Family Favourites is a reissue of Pepys' "George Cansdale's Pets". The cards and rules are the same but along with all references to George Cansdale, the acknowledgement of assistance from the "Tailwagger's Club" has been dropped.

For details of all the games Racey Helps illustrated for Pepys click this link.

The pack of Family Favourites featured here was part of Rex Pitts' personal collection.

Game & Version Details

​ Family Favourites - Card Back

​Family Favourites - Rules Front

Family Favourites - Rules Back

Family Favourites - Box Back

​ Family Favourites - Box Top

​ Family Favourites - Box Side Left

​Family Favourites - Box Base

Envelope Style

​ Family Favourites - Box Side Right

​Family Favourites - Box Back With Flap


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