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Legs 11

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Legs 11, A Pepys Fun With Figures Game

First Published: 1974, Pepys Game, Castell Larby Ltd., Cross Street, London

Illustrator or Designer: Not Credited

Contents: 36 Cards

Legs 11 Box Front
Legs 11 Box Front

4 each of 9 nine cards.

Legs 11 cards: 9 cards numbered in their designs  1- 9
Legs 11 cards: 9 cards numbered in their designs 1- 9

The game owes its name to the traditional Bingo call of "Legs Eleven", made when the 11 ball is drawn, to which the audience reply is, or was, a wolf whistle.

Everything has been cut except the corners. There's no title card, no rules leaflet, the size of the cards is small and the pack itself only has 36 of them.

Rex Pitts on World of Playing Cards said Legs 11 was the "only game produced in Hong Kong and it even had square corners. This could well have been by way of an experiment, which seems not to have been a success.".

Game & Version Details

Legs 11 - Card Back

Legs 11 - Rules Printed on the Box Back

Legs 11 - Box Top

Legs 11 - Box Side Left

Legs 11 - Box Base

Legs 11 - Box Side Right

​Legs 11 - Box Front With Flap


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