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I have a background in informal education and also worked for many years as a private guide in London. I have researched, written and given many talks on lesser known aspects of London's history. My personal website has more details.  


It was always  the intention that Collecting Pepys would be a collaborative project and it has been built through the efforts of several people many of whom have never met or even spoken. Special thanks and acknowledgements are due to three of them:


I have provided the images and the text but I wouldn’t have known where to begin without the late Rex Pitts’ books and articles. His tremendous collection, built over 50 years, and his published research is a resource that is second to none.


I am very grateful for the input of Malc Hutson, an immensely knowledgeable antique and vintage games specialist who was a close personal friend of Rex Pitts. His expert advice and great support have been invaluable.


Lindsey, my darling wife, has founded, managed and acted as a consultant to numerous national organisations. She has been kind enough to restrict the scope of her talents and lower her professional standards to help me, a one man band with no budget and very limited tech talent, to launch this site efficiently and on schedule.


Many other people have also encouraged, helped put me right and made useful suggestions, thank you very much to everyone.


I hope our work is helpful and interesting,


Peter Berthoud


August 2022

Collecting Pepys is a website about every game every produced under the brand Pepys Games. 

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