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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

'Chase, Pepys Series Games

First Published: 1951, Pepys Series Games, North Wallace Street, Glasgow & Bow Street, London

Illustrator or Designer: McLauchlan

Contents: 55 Cards, Playing Sheet, 5 Horses with Stands + Rules Booklet

'Chase Box Lid Front
'Chase Box Lid Front

'Chase has 55 cards: 17 Gallop cards, 20 Jump cards, 10 Water Jump cards, 4 Fall and 4 Whip cards.

'Chase Gallop and Water Jump cards
'Chase Gallop and Water Jump cards

'Chase Jump cards
'Chase Jump cards

'Chase Fall and Whip cards
'Chase Fall and Whip cards

'Chase, first published in 1951, is arguably the first of Pepys' "Double Feature" games.

The game revolves around Steeplechase racing where horses jump fences and ditches. The Lagoon reissue of 2009 is called "Derby Day". The Derby is of course a Flat race, no jumps involved and not a ditch in sight. "Grand National Day" might have been more apt.

The box illustration is signed MCLAUCHLAN and all the cards are initialled with a letter M but so far I have been unable to trace the artist or find other examples of their work.

Game & Version Details

​'Chase - Box Contents

​'Chase - Card Back

​'Chase - ​ Horse

The horse are printed on both sides.

​'Chase - ​ 5 Horses on Wooden Stands

​'Chase - ​ Playing Sheet

​Chase - Rules Front

'Chase - Rules Back

Games Advertised:

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The "Pepys Series Games Club" is also promoted.

​ 'Chase - Box Top

​ 'Chase - Box Side Left

​ 'Chase - Box Bottom Side

​'Chase - Box Side Right


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