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Round Up, The Riders of the Range Action Game

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Riders of the Range, Round Up.

An Action Game for Boys & Girls.

By arrangement with the "Eagle"

First Published: 1953, Pepys Party Games

Illustrator or Designer: Not Credited but "By arrangement with the "Eagle".

Contents: 6 perforated sheets producing 54 separate "heads of steeds" made up of the following values: 6 x 40, 6 x 30 & 42 x 20. 1 x Jeff Arnold's Texas Ranger Star, 1 rules sheet.

Round Up Box Top

Round Up - Box Top

Round Up - Rules

Round Up - Rules

Heads of Steeds, detached from the perforated sheets

Jeff Arnold's Texas Ranger Star

Jeff Arnold's Texas Ranger Star

Round Up, The Riders of the Range party game was named after the Eagle comic strip, that in turn was based on a radio series, that might have been influenced by the title, but not the characters or plot, of a film! See Riders of the Range, the card game by Pepys for more details.

Round Up - Rules Back with list of other games available.

The game bears no address and there is no mention of Castell Brothers.

In 1953 Castell Brothers produced produced four games featuring Eagle magazine characters, two card games (Dan Dare and Riders of the Range) and two party games (Space Ships - The Dan Dare Treasure Hunt and Round Up - The Riders of the Range Action Game). Pepys also produced an Eagle Bond Junior Stationery Set, presumably at the same time.


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