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Round the World, Wooden Jig-Saw, Istanbul

Pepys Round the World Jig-Saw, RW 1 Istanbul, Turkey, Pepys Series, Wooden Jigsaw, 60 Pieces

First Published: Not Known, Early 1960s?

Illustrator or Designer: Not Known

Contents: 60 Wooden Jigsaw Pieces

Istanbul, Turkey Box Top

Istanbul, Turkey Box Top

Istanbul, Turkey Jigsaw Completed

Istanbul, Turkey Jigsaw Completed

The three jigsaws in this series are listed on the long edge of the box:

  • RW 1 Istanbul, Turkey

  • RW 2 Lhasa, Tibet

  • RW 3 Marrakesh, Morocco

There is no address or other details given on the box.

Box Details:

​​Istanbul, Turkey - Long Side of the box

​​Istanbul, Turkey - Short Side of the box


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