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Little Grey Rabbit Wooden Jigsaw - Christmas Decorations

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Alison Uttley and Margaret Tempest's Little Grey Rabbit Wooden Jigsaw - GR. 1 Christmas Decorations, Pepys Series, Wooden Jigsaw, 60 Pieces

First Published: Not Known, Early 1960s?

Illustrator or Designer: Margaret Tempest

Contents: 60 Wooden Jigsaw Pieces

​​Christmas Decorations Box Top

​​Christmas Decorations Box Top

​​Christmas Decorations Jigsaw Completed

​​Christmas Decorations Jigsaw Completed

The three jigsaws in this series are listed on the long edge of the box:

There is no address or other details given on the box.

Box Details:

​​Christmas Decorations - Long Side of the box

​​Christmas Decorations - Short Side of the box

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