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A variety of Pepys games spread across a large desk in no particular order.

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Welcome to Collecting Pepys,


The aim of the site is to provide anyone interested in Pepys games with a comprehensive reference tool first and later with a forum for discussion and shared research. Collecting Pepys is an educational site operated on a not for profit basis and does not take advertisements.

So far all Pepys card games have an entry. Reissues and games by Lagoon and others will follow. All Pepys Dominoes and most Pepys Jigsaws have also recently been added.

Over time all of Pepys' Board Games, Envelope Games and Party Games will be included here. There are other Pepys products too, from small leather goods to chess sets, Bridge cards to diaries and each of these will be featured along with company related ephemera.

All the games photographed are from our own collection. This collection is still growing, unexpected and previously undocumented Pepys items are still being found.

The initial focus will be to add games to this site. Once this is largely achieved and we have an idea how the site is being used we will look at tailoring the site to the needs of visitors. After that, I hope the site can provide a friendly space, perhaps a members area, for like-minded Pepys collectors, those interested in the social history of games and the wider public, to exchange ideas, information and research. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find something of interest now and that you will visit again in the future.


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